Musings and Distractions

This morning I awoke sin ganas de nada. Setting up the coffee pot as mi abuelo Eduardo would do, I started up some extra strong Nescafe on the stove. 


My intention was to get straight to writing…but then…life. Err, to be honest, distractions.

I spent an hour staring at this computer screen and dreaming of the past. The people I love and how they have shaped me, and the many forms they’ve come in. A viejita who refuses to accept her canas, a sister who will always be my baby, a father who taught me to embrace who I am – eccentric as I may be, sobrinos who walk all over me because I don’t know how to scold them, friends who appreciate reminiscing about their upbringings, a man who broke my heart and tried to break my spirit, another who remains my best friend and showed me my worth, cousins who have caught me when I’ve fallen, strangers who have trusted me with their stories.

Searching for the moments that have shaped me, trying to stitch the memories of mi gente so I can make sense of it all.

Now Available in Print: Cuentos Wela Told Me

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Book Blurb: Have you experienced an eerie chill crawl your skin and give you goosebumps for no apparent reason? Have you been haunted by a ghostly apparition you can’t seem to explain? Has your abuelita told you stories about the legendary cucuys that have, for centuries, been a part of our Valley folklore? These stories are simply cuentos many are skeptical to believe in. Leyendas my family has shared with me. It is up to you to decide whether to believe in these cuentos or not. Regardless, they are intriguing and will continue to be told for generations on end. Read on, enjoy, and beware of the cucuys!