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Dime con quién andas y te diré quién eres.

– Popular Mexican Dicho

Apa, The Babysitter

Apa has become that abuelito he didn’t imagine he’d become. The babysitter. Any time I stop by for a visit, I can certainly expect to find a niece or nephew (sometimes the entire lot of them) spending time with their grandpa. And if none are there, he’s likely to be out and about visiting them. […]

Un Recuerdo: Breakfast con Abuelo

Mementos are powerful. Take, for example, this photograph I’d taken with my Abuelo Eduardo over 10 years ago. Looking at it is like a time-machine transporting me to that precise moment, feelings and all. The morning in that photo, I awoke feeling like it was straight from a Folger’s coffee commercial.  Sin ganas de despertar. […]

I Sometimes Imagine Borders

I sometimes imagine borders when I think of home. Not the physical lines that cross through the green blues of the Rio Grande, swelling against the cactus of the dry heat. No, not the obvious terrain without a bloom of roses or the branches of poincianas. The liminal borders I pretend to imagine come to […]


What do you think about when your heart is broken? I mean, aside from the maldita razón you’re hurting. Are you like me where your thoughts jump from the deep despairs of heartbreak to an overwhelming warmth of endearment? Like, one second I am heartbroken and will cry my eyes out and sob like a […]

Cafecito Moments

COVID has taken so much of my imagination away. It just disappeared somewhere down the lane of days and weeks and months. And without imagination, olvídate about creativity! Being isolated from my extended family has taught me a few things. I hadn’t really thought much about it before these times, but my family and their […]

My Perspective as a Poet from the Borderlands

As a poet from the Rio Grande Valley, I write about what I know – which is my family, my culture, the distinctive region I live in, and the borders that surround us. I was eight years old the first time I was taught to be ashamed of my language. Growing up in a household […]

Tristes Recuerdos: At Your Own Risk

*Story first published in 2011 Perhaps sitting here in the middle of a dark and noisy tejano bar isn’t necessarily the best place for me to gather my thoughts, but this is one of the most difficult things I have ever tried to do. I’ve thought about it for a while, how I should begin this […]

Eulogy for Sylvia Suarez, my mami

I would like to give abrazos and a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has offered their prayers, thoughts, condolences, love, and support to our family these past few weeks. Seeing my mother going through pain devastated us, and then accepting it was time to let go was so very difficult; but your friendship and […]

Announcing the Upcoming McAllen Poets Laureate

“Do work that matters. Vale la pena.” -Gloria E. Anzaldúa I am at a crossroads between crying from pride and laughing because of joy. Ready to let someone share this incredible journey of being a McAllen Poet Laureate, and being tremendously grateful for this experience that has changed my life and taught me so much […]

My Old Indita

Toña spooks me now and then in the middle of the night. It’s almost as if she is here. Like she never died. Like all that nonsense she told me would happen. The way she knew I would fall for it, and all the tricks she loved playing on my mind. It’s been, uff, more […]

Musings and Distractions

This morning I awoke sin ganas de nada. Setting up the coffee pot as mi abuelo Eduardo would do, I started up some extra strong Nescafe on the stove.  DELICIOUS. My intention was to get straight to writing…but then…life. Err, to be honest, distractions. I spent an hour staring at this computer screen and dreaming […]

Now Available in Print: Cuentos Wela Told Me

Now you can purchase paperback print of Cuentos Wela Told Me That Scared the Beeswax out of Me! Follow the link to purchase: Cuentos Book Blurb: Have you experienced an eerie chill crawl your skin and give you goosebumps for no apparent reason? Have you been haunted by a ghostly apparition you can’t seem to explain? […]


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