About Me

Priscilla Celina Suárez is a Mexican American author who was the 2015-17 McAllen Poet Laureate, where she had an opportunity to rediscover the many communities in the Rio Grande Valley. During her childhood, she lived surrounded by the farmlands of the then small colonia of Las Milpas, TX, where she first heard many of the cuentos she shares in Cuentos Wela Told Me.

A recipient of the Mexicasa Writing Fellowship, her poetry is a hybrid of rancheras, polkas, pop, rock, and música internacional. A past contributor to the American Library Association’s Young Adult Library Services magazine, she authored the Texas State Library’s Bilingual Programs Chapter – allowing her an opportunity to gain experience in writing poetry, rhymes, and tongue twisters for children and teens.

She has shared her poetry in ¡Juventud!: Growing up on the Border and Along the River III: Dark Voices from the Río Grande. In 2003, her work was selected by The Monitor as The Best Poetry of the Year.

Contact Me

Poet – AuthorSpeaker

For information about Poetry Readings, School Visits, and Speaking Engagements, please contact me by email at lina.suapri@yahoo.com.

Ideas for School Visits:

  • Poetry Reading: All Ages
  • Author Visit for Cuentos Wela Told Me: That Scared the Beeswax Out of Me! & folktales discussion
  • Discussion about the local arts community

New Edition

Now Available on Amazon!

I am so thrilled to announce a Second Edition of Cuentos Wela Told Me is now available for purchase!

Now with more than narratives, this anthology introduces the reader to a capirotada of bilingual musings ranging from riddles and poetry to tributes and familiar dichos.

Visit my interactive Cucuy Confessionals page dedicated to these cuentos:


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