Welcome to my Shapeshifters Gallery!

Thank you for visiting this online gallery of all things leyenda-related based on shapeshifters! Some of the most popular folklore in here include Las Lechuzas and Nahuales.

What to expect: Dichos, cuentos, image galleries, videos, trabalenguas, book & movie suggestions, etc.

Shapeshifters Gallery

La Lechuza by Juan Diaz.
McAllen, TX.
Girl Mermaid by Priscilla Celina Suarez.
McAllen, TX.
Bat Nahuales by Priscilla Celina Suarez.
McAllen, TX.
Mariposa by Priscilla Celina Suarez.
McAllen, TX.
Lechuza de Falfurrias by Priscilla Celina Suarez.
McAllen, TX.

Urban Legends About Shapeshifters

Orbs of Fire

The presence of witches is often associated with the appearance of bright fireballs floating effortlessly in the air, bouncing from tree to tree in the middle of the night.

It isn’t common to catch sight of these orbs of fire, particularly near cities, and they often are mistaken as extraterrestrial UFOs.

For this reason, people are warned not to roam alone outside when there is a full moon out or when it is past the midnight hours, especially if one lives out of the city limits and away from the populated suburban neighborhoods.

It is not entirely clear whether these witches who travel as orbs of fire are las lechuzas, or if they are from a different clan. 

What is known is that when one encounters these orbs of fireballs, one is to stand still as not to distract or catch the attention of these witches.