Welcome to my Cucuys Gallery!

Thank you for visiting this online gallery of all things leyenda-related based on other cucuys! Some of the most popular folklore in here include Duendes and El Chamuco.

What to expect: Dichos, cuentos, image galleries, videos, trabalenguas, book & movie suggestions, etc.

Other Cucuys Gallery

Thoughtful Duende by Juan Diaz.
McAllen, TX.
The Devil in the Dancehall by Juan Diaz.
McAllen, TX.
Duende by Priscilla Celina Suarez.
McAllen, TX.

Urban Legends About Cucuys

El Chamuco

El Chamuco was a slang term my cousins and I grew up fearing, and the only way we were allowed to refer to the evilest spirit of all.  

It seemed El Chamuco came to visit anytime there was temptation from one of us kids to do something wicked.

I imagine him being tall and thin, with reddish and maroon skin. His tail had a triangular and pointy tip that could be quite dangerous. One foot is a chicken’s claw, the other a horse’s hoof. His creepiest feature to me is the horns that adorn his sinister face.