Welcome to my Manos Gallery!

Thank you for visiting this online gallery of all things leyenda-related based on manos! Some of the most popular folklore in here include La Mano Negra and The Claw.

What to expect: Dichos, cuentos, image galleries, videos, trabalenguas, book & movie suggestions, etc.

Manos Gallery

The Claw by Julian Ismael Diaz.
McAllen, TX. Age 5.
Another Claw by Julian Ismael Diaz.
McAllen, TX. Age 5.
La Mano Negra by Priscilla Celina Suarez.

Cucuy Confessionals: The Claw

My first episode of Cucuy Confessionals, featuring my nephews Fabian and Julian. They’ll share details about ‘The Claw’, a cucuy their grandma has told them about.

Urban Legends About Manos

La Mano Negra

La Mano Negra is a legendary creature that has indiscreetly roamed the American Southwest and Mexico for at least a couple of centuries. This creature is rumored to be one of the most evil creatures and said to have been a hand taken off a man burnt at stake after being accused of practicing sorcery.

Because no one foresaw the powers of the talisman, the hand haunts the land searching for the relatives of those who took part in burning the body of the man he used to belong to.