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Thank you for visiting this online gallery of all things leyenda-related based on espantos! Some of the most popular folklore in here include La Llorona and The Vanishing Ghost.

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Espantos Gallery

Espanto by Priscilla Celina Suarez.
McAllen, TX.
La Llorona by Priscilla Celina Suarez.
McAllen, TX.

Urban Legends About Espantos

La Llorona

The myth of The Weeping Woman is popular lore in South Texas, passed on to me by my wela, who had heard about her from her abuelita in Mexico.

It is always the tale of a woman hunting and searching for the innocent that stray alone by any bed of water at late hours.

Although several variations of the tale exist, the basic story is of a beautiful young woman by the name of Maria, born to a humble family near the banks of the Rio Grande River.

After the death of her young children, her constant weeping earned her the nickname of La Llorona / The Weeping Woman. Popular belief has it you can find her ghostly form throughout the region. Sometimes, grabbing children who go wandering alone during the late hours.

Legend has it that when lonesome children cross her path, La Llorona will run to grab them while crying out, “Ay…donde estan mis hijos?”