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Thank you for visiting this online gallery of all things leyenda-related based on animals and cryptids! Some of the most popular folklore in here include Chupacabras and Coyote Eyes.

What to expect: Dichos, cuentos, image galleries, videos, trabalenguas, book & movie suggestions, etc.

Animals / Cryptids Gallery

Coyote Eyes by Juan Diaz.
McAllen, TX.
Chupacabras by Priscilla Celina Suarez.
McAllen, TX.
Coyote Eyes by Priscilla Celina Suarez.
McAllen, TX.

Urban Legends About Animals and Cryptids

The Chupacabras

Many falsely believe the chupacabras, also known as goat-suckers, are creatures that came into existence only in modern times. An alien species mysteriously transplanted from another planet and now hiding in plain sight.

There has been documentation of the presence of the chupacabras for centuries, with original sightings credited to the Mayan civilization in pre-Columbian times.

Their existence became recognized in modern pop-culture after sightings in the Americas during the mid-1990s. Claims from South Texas hit the media airwaves after a local farmer found his goat with mysterious wounds consistent to those of the chupacabras, clean puncture wounds on the neck region.